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(May 21 - Jun 20)
Horoscope For: 5 December 2020


All your health related good targets will be productive today. Be sure to get plenty of physical exercises. You will feel full of energy and optimism.


You will feel very lucky and you can expect a windfall gain today.


You may be happily surprised today if you’re willing to let go of old expectations and embrace the future.

Personal Life

You will be feeling sober and realistic about love today and would be interested in being with your oldest, most reliable friends. You will feel the warmth of happiness in the company of your spouse and children.


Get ready for some good work opportunity and responsibilities which would eventually enhance your status at work place. You may also get a long pending reward for your past hard work. Do not get entangled in giving or taking loans.


Taking a stroll through nature, visiting a beautiful lake or beach will prove very stimulating to you.